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Programming websites, notes module, modelling

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Ever tried programming a website? I thought "ok, it's going to have about 3 .htm pages". Now I'm thinking "ok, it's going to have about 6 .htm pages". I get the feeling that this number will keep growing on me until I have all these .htm pages, and get all muddled up.

So I thought it wise to probably make up a plan of each web page, detailing what each .htm page is going to be about. I did this in the form of a module called "notes" which is a module just full of comments, and just included that in the project file. This should help me to get a clear idea of what I still need to do and what I have already done.

I have a problem in OpenGL with modelling. I can create a .md2 file easily enough (I can see comments billowing down the page saying "MD2? what the f**k are you using MD fu**ing 2 for?") but I have difficutly with these. My problem with the .md2 files is importing them into a program. I have imported one with an example of how to do it, but when I replaced the example model with my own (still using the example code), the model does not load. I do have the means to import and export MD5 mesh but I have no idea how I would texture or code these. Would I still use the .pcx format to texture .md5 models?

I think I'll finish coding the first half of this website tonight, at least to a rough standard and I'll touch it later. Ah well, off to look at the topics in the forums :)...
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