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Go ninja go ninja go!

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Mayan Obsidian


Ninjas, crates, and hearts, oh my!

There you have it the first screenshot from my project in progress. Yes, I'm using that same generic Ogre Ninja that everyone else is using as a placeholder for my actors. The hearts are items you can actually pick up. A gun drops in there some where, but you can't shoot with the gun.

The hardest part about designing a HUD is to find out what information you want on the screen, and where you want to place it. So far, the only thing that I'm sure about is the Clock and the time elasped will be in the middle. I do have a mock screenshot drawn out on paper, but I'm in the process of moving into my new apartment for the year and haven't found time to hook up my scanner.

In the upper left corner is a stamina counter. The +N number indicates the regeneration rate per second. The less active you are, the more stamina that you get back. Holding down a button acts like a "run" button and you move twice as fast. It takes 10 stamina to activate, and consumes about 4-5 stamina a second.

And of course, crates! More crates! The future in physics in gaming is even more realistic crates! But .. what's with the beach ball?

Of course, none of this stuff (except for the stamina portion) is going to be in the actual game. I made the heart item to create the messaging system between items -> the game -> the player, and I made the physics so that I could have realistic situations occuring in the restaurant. For instance, if the player is too close to a table with a plant vase on it, the plant vase could wobble over and fall to the floor. That player would be responsible for getting the broom to clean up the mess so that customers around the mess wouldn't get irritated. A irritated customer means a lower tip.

So, back to work.

(Zug Zug)
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LONG LIVE THE REVOLVERS! Keep up the good work Mayan, I'll be looking forward to your projects.

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