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DX, SETI, and C4

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I've just updated my DirectX SDK from the August (2005) to August (2006). It only took me a year but wow did the size of the sdk bloat or what!? There are a few things I've never looked at before in the tools section, plus it looks like Pix has been improved. I'll start going over the docs in my spare time. This way I can participate in the DirectX forum again and I'll know wtf Jack is talking about in his journal.

I've joined the GameDev.Net Seti@Home team. I've got two of my machines crunching space data mostly at night time. Man DecipherOne and vertex have a lot of points.

Also I've been reviewing the C4 engine for use in my upcoming demon game. I like what I see so far but it is missing some things I'll need and have become accustomed to working with. Blending animations is the big miss. Also multiple materials, scriptable shaders, and a rigid body physics system are all currently missing. According to their forums all of these issues are on the table and are soon to be implemented. I was planning to use OGRE but it just isn't the all-in-one solution I'm hoping to work with on this project. C4 has support for PC and Mac, networking, 3D sound, input, and great graphics. I'm a little worried about the fact that it uses only OpenGL for rendering. I have more experience with DirectX but they basically do the same thing. It's kind of funny that while everyone seems to be migrating to C# and DirectX for 360, I'm thinking of taking the backdoor to OpenGL.

Have a good weekend.
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I've used C4 before (and will do again soon), it's pretty good, but the collision system is a bit dodgy at the moment. I wouldn't worry too much about the GL implementation, most of the time using C4 you shouldn't see anything to do with the underlying API. And IIRC, Eric said he'd port it to DirectX if the GL implementation under Vista was crap.

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