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More fun than I should be allowed to have by Law

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Well I got a .dds loader working, but the issue is my textures are flipped on Y axis. So I tried using the GL_TEXTURE matrix mode to flip NO DICE. I guess when using GLSL and not using the texture coordinates that get suppiled by the texture unit I get no difference, but if I use the texture coordinates I supply I can flip textures in the shader with a gl_TexCoord[0].y *= -1.0 works but only with texture coordinates that I send into GLSL, if I try this with a copy I make nothing happens.

vec2 temp = vec2(gl_MultiTexCoord0);
temp.y *= -1.0;

will not work... got me

Got a few other bugs fixed and adding in a few neat fx's I thought about for awhile. Feeling frisky lately. [grin]

On to a different topic concerning the rating system here, I hate it... I was at 1262 then someone must have decided to rate me BAD so I drop 20pts... OUCH. Typically I am a well manner person on the forums... Oh well, guess I should help less...

Anyway hoping to sell my PC soon and wait till Vista is out and build a new one then...
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