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Woot! Front page spot on devmasters daily image! http://www.devmaster.net/

Ohh. Well, school is starting soon here; Monday in fact. I'm pretty stoked to start up another semester. I really enjoy learning new things, regardless of the field of study. The only thing that I don't really like is that it can easily take me away from programming. I'm going to work my ass off this semester to keep up on my school work AND game development.

I've already been thinking a lot about my next project. I can share a few things to note. The next project will be a Role Playing Game. I am still debating if I want to make it Isometric or Top down, though I am leaning on making it Isometric. I am thinking heavily on if I want to learn a new library for this next project. I'm not incredibly familar with isometric and what library would be the best, so if you have any advise, I am all ears.

The RPG will be based off of a short story that I have been writing, which I hope will add a layer of depth to the construction of the game. I'll already have a close connection with the story, so rolling into developing a game based off of it may make it pretty enjoyable to create.

So yeah, More on that later.

As far as this semester goes. I've got 6 classes lined up:

1) Computer Architecture - Introduction to modern computer architectures: register transfer abstraction, addressing modes, basic operations (data transfer, arithmetic/logic, and control operations). Understanding relationships of higher-level language constructs to corresponding assembly instruction sequences generated by compilers.
2) Managerial Economics - [spared description ;)]
3) Finite Applications - [spared description ;)]
4) Geology Lab - [spared description ;)]
5) Accounting 2 - [spared *yawn* descriptoin ;)]
6) Principles of Finance - [spared description ;)]

While I am open to learning different things, computers are the peek of my interest, so I'll spare describing the other classes. :) Mind you, I love business, but that'll come later; after I've worked as a programmer for awhile.

Other than that, I've been playing Diablo 2 a little today. I've brewed up a nice little level 8 necromancer so far and have completed the first three quests in act I. I haven't played this game for awhile (since I lost my disk). I'm getting some great ideas that I would love to incorporate into an RPG that I brew up.

Anyway, Time for bed.

Take it easy,
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