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assert(ravuya.dead() == false)

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So Ravuya is not dead. How about that?

Anyway, working on the Glow Windows build (major framerate improvements), integrating all of your suggestions and finishing off the first level. It looks like the game is going to be fairly long after all, which should be pretty nice.

Then I have to work on the survival and other game modes. And the hand-out feature when finishing the last map.

Anyway, some of the bugs I've closed this week:
  1. You can now hold down both mouse buttons so you can move and shoot;
  2. Strafing while moving forward is no longer faster than the four cardinal directions;
  3. Damage has been modified;
  4. Some of the indicators have been changed to make them more obvious.
  5. Mousebutton down state resets properly when leaving a tip or cinema scene.
  6. Tag loader and config file saving bug fixes.

Now that I think most of the major gameplay problems are out of the way, it should be pretty easy for me to settle down and make some missions for it. Savage.
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