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Progress Report, demo review.

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Spent most of the day playing the Sword of the Stars demo. Apparently it's been taking a lot of flak for reasons beyond people expecting 4X Homeworld (it's by some of the same people apparently). Certainly a lot of those complaints are accurate, though a good number are stuff like UI awkwardness and unit balancing that is likely to be fixed after some demo feedback.

All in all, it seems like some good ideas which suffered in implementation. It's not as much a failure as moo3, but still lacking enough that I'll probably avoid buying it until it drops to the ~$20 range; if then.

No moe work, but I added a little bit of code for my interpreter framework. You can now add an attribute to any type/enumeration and the one-off initialization call will hunt them down and add them as interpretable types. Should save lots of time tracking down bugs which were just me being stupid and forgetting to add a type to the interpreter.
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I played the demo, and couldn't figure out how to accept missions from my email or where to fly. It was very poor in terms of realtime documentation.

I wanted to like it, but I couldn't play it. Maybe I'm just slow.

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