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Okay, thanks to everyone here and on #gamedev, I got FreeBSD up and running. <3 <3.

Now - what should I install on it? Here's some ideas so far -
  • Anonymous FTP - download slave, anyone?
  • MySQL Server - why not?
  • Subversion Repository - fuck yeah.

Additionally, I was going through the list of games in the PORTS, and I saw a couple I had to have :3
  • ADOM
  • Chromium
  • Beneath the Steel Sky

Not too bad, I guess.

I honestly can't think of anything else at this point. Its probably going to be mostly a dedicated machine - I don't think I put X-Windows, GNOME or anything else on it (unless I accidentially missed a dependancy and they somehow get installed). It'll just be a box sitting there, except in the rare situation I'm playing a random game on it or something.

So yeah. What the heck do you do with these kind of things?
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Things your boxen needs

Things I do w/ my box

Basically gives me a stagging area before deploying something on my colo box.
Also, be wary of annon ftp.
Before getting into that, keep an eye on /var/log/auth.log for a few days, and notice how often people scan your comp then try to get in. Now those same people will find your annon ftp just as fast

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Yeah, that's true.

At the same time though, I've got it on my own private sub-network which is attached to the uni network. I know absolutely nothing about such things, aside from the basics of configuring my own router, but I was under the impression that the router's firewall would block all such scanning attempts?

Thanks for the list too - I'll be sure to check up on all of that :D

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Unless you punch a hole in your router's NAT, this is correct, but the services won't be available UNLESS you open up those ports, which makes them scannable.

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