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Sir Sapo


EDIT: Fixed the building crash, so the current version has no known crash bugs...

Okay, I seriously think I've fixed it now[grin] By chance today I was scrolling through the header file for the flaming chunks that are spawned from explosions (which seem to be the root of the crash bug). Anyways, by chance, I saw this gem of a code snippet:

delete currentanimation;
delete currentanimation;

Does anyone else see the problem with that[wink] I can't believe I didn't see this earlier, but the wierd thing is that this didn't crash the game everytime a Chunk was deleted. This also might have fixed that random "white squares" bug, because I'm assuming that if this wasn't crashing the game all the time, it must have been deleting some other animations somehow. There are a lot of animations that aren't being used at any given time, so this may not have been noticed, until it got rid of an animation that the player can see, such as the airplane, the target arrows, etc. I'm just guessing at this right now, but it makes sense, and it explains almost all the shit that happens in the game.

EDIT: Hmmmm..... seems I found another candidate for the crash bug, turns out that the Explosions were actually deleting some of their pointers twice as well....

Anyways, hopefully these fixes will get rid of those damn crash bugs, so everyone should try out this fixed version (I know it sucks, but I need to get this bug fixed before I press on with the cool stuff.....)

NOTE: I seem to be getting that gray flashing screen a bit with this version, sorry about that....
Angels 22

Let me know if that fixed anything, hopefully it did, and I can get on with funner stuff.....
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It still crashes on me when I'm bombing the hell out of the town. But, it's not crashing on me anywhere else.

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Any news on the Vista fix? Need any debug info or something? I ran on XP and it worked great [smile].

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Oh shit, I just found out why the buildings were crashing the game, there was a missing animation file, and whenever the player kills the little house building, the death animation doesn't exist... shit...

As for Vista, I haven't really been trying to get it to run on Vista, as I haven't got a Vista machine to screw around with, but any info you have on the problem would be great!

Anyways, everyone can now download the new version with the building fix now...

Thanks everyone!

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Doesn't crash when I bomb the buildings now, but I'm getting alot of grey flickering and I've never had it before. Seems to only happen when I'm over a flak [oh].

Good job on fixing all the bugs though!

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Some random things I've noticed (I've yet to try the new version).

1. The position indicator (the triangle around the plain) is pointing above the target. And maybe it's an idea to make it always in between the plain and the target? Now, when I go low over, the target indicator goes beyond the target (into the ground).

2. Some times the explosion from missiles is in the ground, this usually happens when I make a steep pass over an enemy (this mostly happens on the first target in the demo).

3. Likly related to the previous thing, though could just be a figment of my imagenation (sp), some times when I make a low pass over the ground there are bullets coming at me, through a hill. This mostly happens on that group of other targets after the mountain (when approaching from the right).

4. The "ap" in the primary weapon ammo indicator flashes a bit from blue to white.

5. The drop missile (the one with the parachute and trajectory indicator) doesn't do splash damage like the other missile.

That's what I can remember for now.
Will keep you posted if I find anything.

[EDIT] The AP thing is because the text is transparant, it were the clouds and sky I was seeing.

And a point 6, if I fly to high, the radar indicator for my plain will go off the radar screen and into the "real" world.

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