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JUst Out OF Curiousity and into Confusion

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So, I've been reading 3D Game Engine Architecture for a while, a long with a series of other books. I generally use them as references to look upon as I'm designing. Anyways, I was looking for information on game timers and I ended up getting side tracked when I really noticed that David Eberly designed his own RTTI(Run Time Type Information) system for the engine Wild Magic(I had read that section before, but it didn't really stick out previously). I just got to wondering, isn't the inate support that C++ provides enough? It's a trend throughout the book that he does create a lot of his own custom systems, but too me, this one seemed like over kill, and the over head involved in the system seemed really redundant and rediculous. I could be missing something here, so if anyone could suggest to me the advantages of creating such a system, I'd be much obliged.

Also, I played WoW for the first time this past weekend. I wasn't very impressed. I liked the concept, the idea of various lands and servers being those lands, continents ect.., I liked the setting , I'm a fan of Warcraft, I liked the aesthetics, very nice quality graphics, especially for such a massive game. What I did not like was the simplicity of the interface, the 2D aspects of the PvP characters(beleavabilty wise), although I do suppose it's the other characters that are supposed to make up the relational aspect of the world, I didn't really get into that so I suppose that could have taken away from the experience. I also didn't like the interface for combat, I was a level five after three hours of playing, but I don't know, it just seemed to be missing something. I wondered for a while if it was because of the low level attacks and such, me being a lowly level five rogue, but I then came to conclusion that it was simply the interface. Turn based action in a multi user environment just doesn't appeal to me I guess, and also the lack of control for the character, as far as movement went. The mix between action controls but then purely turn based combat, I have to say I'm not a big fan. It's ok though, if I got sucked into a game such as that, I'd never get anything done, and I'm sure ( at least I hope) that when the new Team Fortress Classic comes out this winter, I'll have some great online game playing at my finger tips once again.
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