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Turkey Buckle in a Clubbed Sand Witch

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I've been working with Flatland recently for Hollow Halls physics code. I've put more hours in to design then I personally think I should have. Although, creating this is another step towards a drawing unit perfect for drawing sprites.

The physics code uses a combination of Flatland and Open Dynamics Engine. Since flatland is lacking a few features, I use ODE to supplement these. This seems to work fine, but overall I'm glad this project will be as small as it is. Flatland collision detection doesn't use any tree method to do area testing so all objects are tested. For a 2D sidescroller with little objects this is perfect, but for a space shooter (my next project) I may have to write my own quad tree.

The other little problem that I was dealing with is the engine is designed to simulate full physics. In reality of you throw a block, depending on how it lands its angle can change. When dealing with a typical character that stands straight you don't want any angular physics applied to it. This was simply fixed by setting its angular velocity and angle to zero after all the calculations are done.

Once the physics code is done, I'll have finished all the necessary pieces to tie together all I need for a draw class. The quad manager is specifically designed to handle animation of quad sequences. So it will be used in unison with the physics class to handle sprite collision and sprite collision layers. With a game like Hollow Halls I want to have multiple layers, so say for example walking past a clock won't throw a collision between the pendulum in a clock and the character.

.. I'm so tired.

Hollow Halls also has a logo thanks to the ever so talented Salsa.

and the inverted version

I wonder how much it would cost (if he would) to get the art in my game done by him. *ponders*
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