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Question Of The Month

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Favorite Data Structure... Why?


So, I had two of my classes today. I'm taking a math course, 'Finite Applications'. Wow, do I feel really damn dumb going from Calculus type math, back to this sort of math..

Uhh, "What is a Rational Number"... Ehhh, "This is a Graph".... "This is how to plot an X value and a Y value on this graph. These are also noted as Cartesian Coordinates".. Blah blah yippidy blah. To say the least, I better get an A in this class or someone is going to face the Marines wrath... I'm glad I bought a book to study up on other type of maths.

My Managerial Economics class, on the other hand, utilizes some basic Calculus for its application problems. So that should be fun. ;) Though, my teacher talks really soft, and has only 1 style of voice to talk in. Ugh... Not going to be fun.

Anyway, enjoy your Monday!

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