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Larry the Linguist Loves Laryngitis

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Over the past few years I've tried to develop a way of speaking, or expressing myself in reasonable matter. One of these things is the how to type perfectly logical sentences. I remember back in High School I used to bastardize the English language with internet lingo and a variety of misspelled words. My path as a student has always been a bumpy one, especially when dealing with languages. If there is anything that I'm guilty of it's not caring too much.

So over the years I've improved that, but also I'm confused as to what type of speech people respond to. Depending on how things are phrased or structured, some people won't give the idea the light of day. Humour is also some people don't pick up on, I try and lace my comments with lots. But it seems people here follow a different, more mature sense of humour. Where as I personally laugh at the obscure.

"Cats deserve food"

Well, after being reamed out by a no-nothing colleague I don't feel like typing anything anymore.
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I've found after much brutality that people don't respond the same way to talking-language as they do to writing-language.

You have to change stuff like this: "Lincoln, Jefferson, Clinton: All great Presidents" to "Great Presidents include: Lincoln, Jefferson and Clinton". Otherwise their pipeline stalls, and they have to go back and look up those names now that they have a context. I think that's also why people have problems with T-SQL as opposed to other languages.

It's bizarre, and one of the social cues I never really picked up on, despite the fact that people didn't understand me as well.

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I myself have that problem when sentences are phrased like that. I can't think of any occurrence where I structured one like that, but it defiantly throws me off. It's pretty hard adapting to a specific way of typing sentences. I've been trying to do this on GameDev for 3 years now, and still haven't come up with a way to properly express myself without others piecing me apart.

Like I was saying, humour is one of my hardest. In real life I try and joke as much as possible, which grabs a lot of laughs and attention. I'm an attention whore by nature, but am also very quiet when I want to be. Here, it just seems as if there is a fine line between something that is not funny at all and hilarious. If someone acts like a retard, it's funny. Or when they make an intellectual crack at an architectural problem, or scenario, it's also funny. I just don't see a middle ground where my humour could squeeze in there and get a few laughs.

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