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So, I found out about a new grant today. This grant is called the National Smart Grant and a student holding a junior or senior status with a 3.0 GPA and are in a Tech and Science major can earn up to an extra $4,000 for school.

OMFG. ;|

I currently hold a 2.775 GPA. If, by some miracle, I got all A's this semester, that would bump my GPA to 3.07.

I love school and I really enjoy learning new concepts. Ever since the corps, I really wanted to come out to be a top notch student. I had a rough start but I am slowly working my way up to a point of excellence that I've never held before. Last semester I rolled away from the summers 9 hours that I took with all B's.

There is just no way I would feel comfortable graduating with anything lower than a 3.0. Thats just a personal thing I have in my mind to strive for the semi-best. I'll never be a 3.5+ GPA holding student, thats just a fact. But, working hard to get in the 3.0 - 3.5 range, I could hopefully do. Knowing about this grant, will just push the motivation factor for me to kick some serious ass this semester.

I must get ALL A's. If I did, it would be the very first time I strived so hard and came out of any semester in my life with all A's.

I'm not going to kill myself, but I am going to attempt to kick some serious ass.

We'll see.

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