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Haha, I just made a scene in the dining hall.

So we have a softserve icecream thingy, and back in the day my roommates and I used to have contests to see who could pile the most icecream onto an icecream cone. It was insanely fun. So I, now without my old roommates who all live a couple miles away now, decided I'd try to relive some of the fun.

First, you know, I can't remember which hand does which - do I hold the cone with the right and control the icecream with the left? Whatever, so I start. What happens is I misdevelop the base, but I don't realize until it was too late.

I walk away, and then disaster strikes. This insane amount of icecream just, literally, slides off the cone. Thinking quickly, I grab it in midair with my free hand. Then I was like "wtf" and just stare at it for a second, then slap the icecream back onto the cone and walk out.

I swear, everyone was staring at me going O___o.

loofles anyway.
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