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New Project Update - Part I

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Well, I had some time to work on the new project a little and I finished up Part I of the story. It came out pretty nice, but you can be the judge of that.

The main characters are Ethanael, a wood elf ranger, and Egil, a barbarian warrior. The two are in their adult years and have known each other since childhood. Just to note, in the RPG I make based on this story, you will be playing Ethanael.

I have decided to keep Ethanael as a Wood Elf in the RPG, though; I will be catering to those who like semi-melee classes and to those who enjoy casters. So, basically I am saying, you will have a couple of options. Ranger (master of the bow), or a Wizard (not official) (master of some deadly magic). The game will progress the same for either class, but I hope to tailor the creatures you encounter accordingly.

Here are some concept sketches that I drew up real quick to give the journal land an idea of what I am doing. Click for a larger image.

This is the Land of Krion. Being an upbeat land, Krion has a way to bring those that fear, into a land of peace and longevity. The trees within the land flow with a sort of grace that only a master in the arts of music persuasion could assemble. The land, itself, has a sweet aroma depicting the wild array of beautiful flowers and lush grass that has grown for ages. The trees stand tall and strong in the face of the northern winds brought upon the seas. Eastern of the Island seems to have been so forgotten that the peasants within Krion nick named it The Forgotten Land. Nobody really knows what goes on over there.

You'll notice several things on the map, though probably the most essential is The Lost Island of Krion floating in the ocean of Centyl. This entire island used to be fully in tact, though, shaken by a violent rattle; the piece has severed itself from the main island. The only thing odd is that the region has not had that sort of a quake for many, many years, leading to the thought that someone, or something was about to reign trouble on the land of the innocent.

Here is the mystical island of the Ward. This island floats about the north eastern side of Krion.

What is unique about this floating island is that, nobody knows anything about it. The only thing that they can possibly recognize is that the magical crystal below it, keeps it up there... Other than that, it has been there since anybody could remember.

One thing that that became strange about the quake that shook the lost island out to sea was that once it happened, the islands crystal started to glow brighter. This is leading the people of from Krion to believe that something drastic is about to happen.

This is pretty much a summary of Part one of the story.

If you found it interesting and think I should track the development of the story in my journal, let me know. Otherwise, I will likely break away, write and then come back or post about random things.

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Original post by Programmer16
Sounds pretty interesting to me! I like the floating island idea.

Great sketches too!

Thank you for the feedback.

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