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An actual update....

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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

So after spending about a week working on nothing but making the engine more stable, and fixing some minor( and major) bugs, I'm finally able to start working on some more exciting things, as you guys will see in my screenshot packed(ish) entry!

Flickering Problem
This was probably the most demoralizing bug to work on, because while I discovered that the culprit was the ParticleBursts caused by flak, the same rendering code was being used on tons of other particle-y objects, and they weren't causing any trouble what so ever. Anyways, after ripping the game apart, and looking everywhere, I finally found the problem: I wasn't initializing a single integer. Yep, that's right, the whole problem that I've been busting my ass to find was the result of me not initializing the rotation angle of the particle puffs. Apparently, when you pass a ginormous angle for openGL to use, something wierd happens, and the objects gets scaled way up, resulting in it blocking the screen, and causing the flickering.... I'm just glad I found it, and it's over with[grin]

Anyone who remembers playing Angels 20 (anyone?) will remember the ships we had in the game. These things were gigantic boats with guns everywhere (okay, 2 places), and one hell of a death animation, that the Angels 20 engine didn't do justice. Anyways, we want to have enemy (and friendly) ships in Angels 22, so, in Mark and I's first collaborative 2nd period projects of this school year, we were able to implement some really cool ships, as you can see in the screeny below:

Now some of you may be thinking, "What the hell is that light flak bunker doing on that ship?" Well, one of the neat aspects of the ships is that they are capabable of mounting practically any object in the game, including SAMSites, Flak, Helicopters, hell, even Crumblers. This is neat, because we can have many different types of ship, without having Mark draw up new stuff everytime we add a turret. Obviously, the light flak stuck on the front of the ship is temporary, as Mark hasn't been able to put together a turret yet, but once he does, you guys will be the semi-first to know[wink]

The collision for the ships is also semi interesting. Instead of each ship having one bounding box, or some other more complicated type of collision bounds, we gave each ship up to 4 bounding boxes, which are defined in each ship defintion. These boxes can any size, and can be placed anywhere on the object, allowing for all of the object to be collidable, as you can see in the screeny below, showing the collision bounds (for debug purposes).

Chemograd is the name Mark came up with for a small secret city, dedicated to the development and testing(on human subjects...) of chemical and biologial weapons. He's been working on it for a while, and he finally gave me the finished version so that I could put it in the game. So, here it is, Chemograd (minus the prison complex), in all it's depressing Eastern European glory....

Crumbler damage
This is a little addition I made, but now whenever Crumblers are destroyed, their components change their texture to reflect their damaged state, as seen below....

New Weapons
I've started working on some new weapons types, including Napalm, and my new favorite, what I call Scatterpacks. These weapons fire a large number of small highly innaccurate rockets every time you pull the trigger, and they're good for blanketing an area with ordinance, to kill small fast moving enemies, such as Trucks or Jeeps. Anyways, I don't have a good screenshot right now, but I'll take one later, and show it in a later update....

Well, that's all for now. I really have to thank everyone who tested A22 and helped me get rid of those bugs, this entry goes out to you guys[grin] Peace Out!
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I remember angels 20, and the big laser gun wouldn't go away when you changed levels! That was a fun game.

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