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Well, I screwed up just now. And I was doing so good[sad]. The tile system I was using wasn't working out (I was having speed issues with just 10x10 maps, which I was expecting.) So, I decided to switch back to heightmaps. That was going pretty good. I got the heightmap class all setup, a free-roam camera system integrated, and I started working on camera-terrain collision and disaster struck. At first I was getting inverse collisions (it would stop me at the top of a valley instead of the bottom, and stop me at the bottom of a hill instead of the top), so I inverted it (like any noob would) and all of a sudden I'm only getting collisions at 0.

So, I decided to put that off for a little while and load of a different map. That was a bad idea since evidentally my heightmap class is broken as well[sad]. I don't know why, but 33, 65, 129 maps load and display perfectly, but my 257x257 map broke it. I'm thinking it has something to do with the fact that I'm using TRIANGLELIST instead of TRIANGLESTRIP, but I'm not sure (yes, I double checked to make sure all of my stuff was being loaded right and that my file was the right size.)

Then, I realized that heightmaps aren't even what I want to use. The only type of map system that seems to fit what I'm looking for is a modelled map. Before I make any more decisions, though, I'm going to write some sort of technical document. I'm not going to be able to switch back and forth between map systems like I can in a 2D game, so I'm going to need to choose one and stick with it.

In good news, I learned all kinds of math and 3D stuff. I know how to calculate a projection matrix, extract the camera's vectors from the view matrix, regenerate axis-aligned unit vectors, etc. Now, remembering it all come tomorrow is a different story. To help myself remember it better and to get some practice I wrote a small software renderer, but I forgot that VS2005 doesn't actually create the solution and such until you tell it to, so I lost it[sad].

Edit: I almost forgot, I also had frame-rate independant movement implemented for the first time ever. Yay!
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I recommend the book 'Essential Mathematics for Games & Interactive Applications'. It'll start you off with simple vector stuff, and teach you all the math you need to know. Even software billinear filtering!

Some of the older Game Developer magazine articles have good stuff too. The 1994-1999 back issue disc has a great series on software rasterization.

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Thanks for the recommendation Deyja! It looks like it'd be quite helpful.

The only math that I'm having a problem with is the simulation stuff. The rest of it has all been pretty easy (well, for me. But I've always been good at math.)

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