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Turn Away

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I've come to the conclusion that I'm really not interested in reading many game development books anymore. For the most part, they seem so entirely focused on systematic game design and the doom-and-gloom outlook for indie developers, that you can't help but get depressed when reading them.

I'm tired of negativity and pessimism. I'll go back to my business and marketing books, thanks.

I think one of the greatest weaknesses that indie developers face is their widescale neglect of the whole business aspect of ... business. Too many indie developers that I've talked to proudly tell you how they're in it for the love of games instead of trying to make a living. You know what? Screw that idea. We'd love to make a living doing this.

I was talking with Matt yesterday and I made a comment that I feel is hyper relevant to the industry at the moment. Art, on all levels, has never been restricted to one particular formula. And I think that the game industry needs to realize this. "Art" doesn't mean most realistic graphics or 50 hours of gameplay, "art" is a connection with your fellow man that hits a nerve and tells the viewer "Someone understands what you're feeling".

We're about ready to hire a programmer. If anyone is interested in programming a 2D adventure game, feel free to message me. The game must do the following:

Display 2D graphics in both full-screen or windowed environment; no anti-aliasing (GFX library to be determined by programmer... best if cross-platform).

Read/write database information over internet.

Read data from internet.

Use XML as scripting language (negotiable... can use other scripting language).

Play audio using OGG and WAV files (Open AL should be okay, I imagine).

UPDATE: Database usage boils down to username/password authentication, software registration, posting accomplishments, and downloading images.

The position is paid. $500 in ten payments of $50 at the completion of milestones.

25% of Froghaus profit made on game (post cost/publisher), provided programmer makes self available for bug fixes.

5% of profit from subsequent games made using technology developed for Asparagus.

A letter of recommendation will be written for you using Froghaus/publisher letterhead.

The game will be sold. Our marketing plan is solid and complete (for the time being). We cannot disclose it publicly as it kicks many levels of butt and has a lot of proprietary marketing techniques.

The end goal for the people on the team is to get jobs in the industry, so we're still gaining experience.

We're looking for a friend and ally: someone who wants all of the profits of independent game development, both in experience and finances.

For more info, send me a message.
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How much data is being read from the Internet? Is the whole game online, or would it just be tiny bursts of HTTP traffic for stuff like auto-update/accomplishments, etc?

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I would jump at the chance to work with you again. I've got experience with everything you're looking for. (Including some cross platform experience. I try to write my stuff for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX. Though I only have the first two platforms to test on.)

Gimme a shout if you think you'd be interested in working with me again.

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I am intrested in your project ,please send details to mail or contact on msn.

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