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I am back from my vacation, and to my suprise I managed to read a lot of theory, and basically work my way through some coding, with a little luck, I will be able to post a first alpha of a small start of a DX program, i will include the source code but will flesh it out with comments for the beginners under us (like me) I am hoping to finish reading the book I bought and then basically have a skeleton done then the goals are going to be very simple:

Flesh out the DirectX Engine I have bought an book from Frank D. Luna Directx 9.C a shaders approach (VERY GOOD!)

I am still on the fence on what for a game i should make part of me thinks i should keep the game simple and completly focus on a storyline, and maps and basically try to make a game that does not look all too good in graphics but makes up in immersion. A big problem a lot of games have is that its mostly shooting, I have rarely seen an FPS being crossed with the immersion of Planescape torment and Baldurs gate.

I will be posting a design document for a story line, and basically pass it on to review. I have also been working on my C++ guide, I am hoping to finish this as my holiday come down to a close. And then the real fun begins, this is the part where I start putting all my theory to practice :)

P.S. For anyone interested in programming alongside me, I have no problems with that I always work beter in a team :). This is an open invitation for anyone including someone who has 0 programming experience whatsoever. See you all next week!

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I know some c++,winapi,sdl.
My games: http://tvtel.pt/cmorsoft
Show me your work and plans.
And maybe we can work together.
My MSN contact is: ribeiro300871@hotmail.com

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