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My own private crunch mode.

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Mike Bossy


With the Intel deadline of Friday looming near I'm totally swamped trying to get things together. I am amazed at the amount of small bugs I've been finding while balancing my levels. At least so far they've been relatively small and easy to fix. I know have 8 levels balanced and that's going to have to do. I was hoping to have 12 for the demo but enough is enough. Even more reasons to buy the full version now!

I managed to solve some of my dual core bugs today. My UI elements floating across the screen was caused by some interesting race conditions in my rendering code for text strings that doesn't show up on single core machines. The good news is that the problem is fixed. The bad news is I don't know if that's the last of the bugs. I couldn't get any other dual core bugs to pop up but that doesn't mean there aren't any. I'm borrowing a dual core machine tomorrow night and will pound on the game silly until it breaks or I break.

Tonight is getting all of the sound FX into the game. I had all the triggers in place but they were all using placeholder sounds. I'm not sure if these are going to be the final sounds but they'll be good enough for this demo.

Crunch is not fun at any time but at least when I'm doing it for myself I can see the benefits. When you're crunching for a game that you don't like and have no stake in life sucks real hard.
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