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Well. While I develop the story to -untitled project-, I'll just be messing around with different programming concepts and what not. I've been wanting to jump into DX, so... I decided, what the hell, it's time to become familiar with a little jargon.

So, being absolutely new to the DirectX Library, inevitably, I knew I would run into some problems. Not any that I couldn't overcome though, which, surprisingly I am getting a lot better at... Creepy. I have been working through the tutorials on directtutorial.com and attempting the extra exercises at the end of the lesson while adding my own spices to the mix. Pretty sweet, if I do say so myself. This library is huge step from all of the petty things that I have been doing (you know your in la-la land when it takes a lot more than a few lines of code to create a window), so I may as well become used to seeing and working with it as soon as possible.

Don't be surprised if you see a very small project after I get done with these tutorials. All to just harden in what I learn from reading and doing all of the exercises on various DX sites. Won't be anything that you haven't seen before.

Anyway, I'm off to work on some more tutorial problems.

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Good luck with learning DirectX. After you get used to some of the quirks, it's pretty simple.

Btw, if you have any questions, I'm always on AIM. It's on all the time in case Raymond needs to talk to me lol. And, I'm usually right near it. I'm not a DirectX guru or anything, but I've been using learning it for ~6 years, so I know some tidbits.

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Hey, thanks a lot. I'll keep that in mind when I am feeling frisky and wanting to pester someone. :)


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