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Ok, can anybody tell me why PHP has stopped giving me parsing errors? I just spent the last hour working on 2 errors:

$Database = new DatabaseClass;

// and
$Database->Function("A bunch of text here!!!!";

So, I'm finally doing up a proper site. I'm tired of paying for storage lol. I have to say, my PHP has become pretty rusty since I haven't used it in almost a year[headshake]. Usually I do little things in all of the languages I know, just to stay fresh, but I've been focusing on getting a game done and working on TLCoM.

Anyway, I've got registering and logging in done. Now I just need to hack together my admin panel, a new design, a gallery page, an article page, a downloads page, and project page. The logging system will just be for leaving comments unless I end up getting some team members for future projects. But, by then I'll probably pay to have someone else do the site for me, since I don't want to take the time to learn all of the security crap.

Also, check out the previous entry for a funny story.
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