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So after waiting all day for my laptop... I step outside and see that there's an infonotice on my door... THEY DIDN'T EVEN KNOCK ON THE DOOR!

Wow. I hate UPS. Anyways, I called and had my package sent to the pickup station. I get there after 4 more hours, and they can't find my package... turns out it was sitting right next to the guy.. So long story short, I now have my laptop. Yay.

I've got just about everything installed now. I wiped the hard drive, installed XP Pro, all of the drivers for the laptop and most of my software. The only thing left, I believe, are games. Most importantly, WoW, HL2 / CSS, and Ragnarok Online. I'm interested to see how well this video card performs. Wootles.

I'll start developing tomorrow. Can't wait!
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OK, that's just sad. The same thing happened to us, except it was with USPS. *sigh* Some people.

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