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Last weeks we put in so many things to get a techdemo ready.

Rage Hard is now offline playable against some bots.

- We put in a particle system for fires, smoke etc.

- Sounds inserted

- One very annoying part was the handling of the lost device if you change from fullscreen to desktop or other cases. Finding some resources that need to be freed took some time [grin]

- Weapons were tuned and inserted. Shooting needed also an extra thread to have the right shooting frequencies.

- Animations are loaded to increase the atmosphere. For example in the ghetto levels a helicopter flies around and a car chase is in the areas player can not reach or in another level a minsubmarine swims around if you look outside the windows

- One of the biggest parts was the bot AI. They find pathes in an extra thread, check if they can shoot their target without hitting something else and change their target if there is someone else in the near and things like this. Others run just around "searching" for real some enemies.

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More updates! Your game looks really cool, and I'd love to hear more about your development process/what you're up to [grin].

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[wink] just a few days and some new videos will be shown from physics engine, totally reworked dynamic objects system and improved particle stuff. We are working very hard on a new Techdemo atm.

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