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lolz i maek anuthar gaem!!`11`~

There's a rounding error in the AI (or something) and it'll occassionally fuck up. I'm too lazy to fix it, so har. Here's one that I made 6-7 years ago; its AI does not suffer from the same problem, though it was coded for shit and runs really slow on this system. Actually, I don't think it has time-based movement at all. Har har har.

I started watching Noir yesterday, not very far into the series yet but I like it overall. There are a lot of parts where its kind of like... really boring. But the action sequences are nice, even though there is no blood. I dunno. I think the 'dramatic tension' is kind of lost on me, but oh well. Though it has a lot of gunfights, its a completely different experience compared to Hellsing, which I really enjoyed.

Annnyway. I should go do my math homework...

Which reminds me:

     "You have got to vatch out for zeese matrices - zey are
like snipers, just vaiting for you to make zee wrong move."
- my Russian Linear Algebra professor.
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I started watching Noir yesterday, not very far into the series yet but I like it overall.

Noir is pretty good (especially near the end), but they use repeated flashbacks WAY too often, and the scenes where they stare down eachother with guns drawn gets aggrevating too. If you enjoy it, then you might enjoy "Maddox" as well. (I believe that's what it was called..)

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