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I've decided someone needs to make a Steam/Cyberpunk MMORPG. It doesn't matter who makes it, as long as its done fucking well. Anyone who knows knows it has to be good, otherwise it doesn't count.

Ok.... go.
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I will make a steakpunk MMORPG with HTML and Variables right now. It will be called Republic of Detestation and will feature stick-figure art.

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Please, HTML and Variables is so 2003. These days everyone is using XHTML with Objects for .Net, you really should upgrade.

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I was writing an MMORPG on the Analytical Engine I've got out back except the boiler exploded, rusting the gears and rotting my game's punch cards [sad].

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I do kind of want to do a single-player Victorian-era RPG, and have wanted to for awhile. I don't think it would be too hard to work steampunk into that, and I don't think I could avoid it even if I tried.

There's just something special about punching out jive-talking clockwork robot butlers as you reel from your opium addiction and dispense ball-shot into the monocle of your adversary.


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