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The Dumb Stuff

I am stupid. It's official. The papers are in, signed, and being sent via Purolator as we speak to the appropriate board members.

Any programmer here knows what it feels like to spend hours debugging a problem that ends up being comedically simple in the end. Right? I just pulled one, and naturally I had to share it with the world. Just.. so.. dumb. Agh. Let me set up the stage:

Movement prediction was one of the main orders of the day. Remote clients use two sets of coordinates: 'visual coordinates' and 'real coordinates'. The trick is to have the game internally keep track (and continue to simulate) the remote player's movements via the real coordinates, but visually draw the player at the visual coordinates. This is done to prevent players from suddenly skipping or jumping across the screen.

Anyways, for some reason people were jumping a LOT more than usual. The heck? Me and a few other players did a short race (horizontal line) and the remote players would appear to move somewhat slowly, then jump forward to where they 'should' be, and then slow down, and jump again. Very odd.

*3 hours later*

Oops, I forgot to make the 'visual coordinates' of the float type, not int. It was rounding down my correction-speed of 1.85 down to 1. Nice. *whacks head* I invite everyone else to share their follies to make me feel somewhat better. [smile]

(Kudos go to Cliff, who was there helping me debug for most of those 3 hours!)

(The mayhem! But.. where are the guns?)


Sephir -- also a Skirmish Alpha Tester -- has agreed to take a swing at designing a website for Skirmish Online. Which is wonderful. My last web designer took on that job in January, and in 6 months all I saw was a mockup, so I'm pleased to see results already stemming in from Sephir.

Here's a mockup of the top title bar and navigational sidebar will resemble. The plan is to have a 'floating windows' layout to represent various items (news entries, etc) in the middle, and another sidebar on the right side to show dynamic information (top scores, IotD, etc). Those will be a little trickier, but things are looking good.

(I am, of course, open to suggestions!)

Oh, and the current (temporary/ugly) Skirmish Online website now ranks #1 on Google. Take that, you UK band. :P

The World Trade Centre

Watched the movie tonight with Jason (LiquidAir in the above screenshot). Amazing. I was brought to tears several times during the film, and walked away with a much greater appreciation for the hard work, bravery, and love of life shared by those who experienced the horrific event.

After the movie ended and the credits rolled, everyone in the theatre just sort of sat there for a few minutes, collectively. In my case both deep sadness and of respect, and I'm sure it was quite mutual in there. Usually most people can get up after any movie and walk off, but this was so different it was eerie. The ending was so well-played, emotionally. I unhesitantly recommend this movie to anyone who has the time to check it out.

Next up?

I've decided to move in the direction of getting more groundwork done before heading towards features like guns, player death, game classes/modes, etc. Tomorrow I want to see if I can get an autopatcher system implemented, and after that perhaps get a GUI integrated (like CEGUI). Following that will be the master server/client, and player accounts.

EDIT: Oops. And I wrote the chat system today. I find it odd that I forgot to mention that above, since it took a good few hours. Oh well. :P
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I was doing that the other day. I couldn't figure out why my meshes were squished and after I showed it to EDI he's like "you're dividing ints and expecting a float..."

I was writing some scripts for my website yesterday and spent like 2 hours trying to figure out why my script wasn't being run. Turns out I was forgetting a $ before my variable name and a ) after my function call.

Skirmish looks like it's coming along nicely. Keep up the good work!

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I spent about 5 hours looking for a problem with my texture sheet code, when I found out I had the width where the height should be, and vice versa.....

Looks great, I need to get in on one of these tests, but I don't have the time[sad]

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