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Well, I finally did up a design document for Project Asrion, but you're not going to be seeing it for a while. Why? Because you'd laugh me out of existance and that just wouldn't be cool.

I just got done (re)coding the free-roaming camera system. The only thing that eludes me is a way to restrain the roll (it tends to roll as I'm randomly zooming around which throws me off. No, it's not because of vectors, I'm regenerating them like I'm supposed to.) It won't really matter in the end, since it's going to be third person camera.

This coming week should be pretty productive.

On the TLCoM front we're getting really close to having part 1 finished. I'm kind of at a stand still at the moment because Raymond wants to do the little bit of dialogue that's left (and I'd rather have him doing the story specific dialogues anyway), I can't seem to match his modeling style to help with art, and he's finishing up the only engine code left at the moment (which I wouldn't be able to help with anyway, since it's audio.) So, I've just been playing through it looking for bugs and such.

I'm almost finished with my new side project. I think it'll be done about Wednesday. It's pretty neat and hopefully you guys like it.

At the moment Project Asrion is getting the most of my attention. Hopefully that'll change tomorrow night. Anway, I need to implement a mesh class, third-person camera, terrain class, and then get the meshes to stick to it (I don't plan on having very fancy physics. I don't like just gluing the character when walk off a small edge, so I'll probably implement some crappy float thing.)

I think I can accomplish the 'gluing' party by casting a ray straight down the character's Y axis (since it won't be pitching at all, the Y axis should always point straight up.) Then comes the part I'm probably going to have trouble with - detecting where it hit and how far down. I don't know. All I know is that it's time for bed.
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