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Onomatopoeia J. Blastocyst checkin' in here. . .

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I don't know if it's a blind dictionary matchup or a twisted sense of humor, but I find some of the "from" names in spam emails to be funny. Just today I've gotten emails from:

Drone H. Shape
Reshuffling M. Polymaths
Bushy C. Mayoralty
Rumba C. Katrina
Hardtop Tuna

A little googling showed that most of 'em were coming from Pharmacy Express, which is a notorious spammer that changes domain names more often than you change your socks. Nothing fills me with confidence more than buying my medications from a website that'll be abandoned in a matter of hours.

The first four names remind me of some of Groucho Marx's names from his early movies.

"Hardtop Tuna" sounds like a good name for a band. I recommend you grab that myspace name immediately if it's not already taken.

Oh, and speaking of Spam, somebody needs to come up with an outlook plugin that'll keep stats on the number of times my paypal and/or ebay account is suspended per day.

Paypal accounts are such fragile things. My account is suspended at least five times a day. I need myself a little plugin that'll make a chart of my daily paypal suspensions.
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Hm, outlook plugins... seems entertaining.

I'd probably have to have a couple test subject lines to regex.

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