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I am not dead.

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Prinz Eugn


This week our internet has been out, and still is(I'm at my aunt's house) due to the intense rain we've been having lately. It could also be something related to what I thought was initially the sound of the World exploding at 2 AM, which just turned out to be a lighting strike within a hundred feet of our house. It was awesomme.

I have some stuff for you, but none of it's complete(motivation for getting on my computer without internet is hard to find).

Oh, yeah: Fuck Steam. Seriously. Screw those Goddamn commie cock-mongering pussy-whipped douche-bagged sons of bitches at Valve who thought up the anti-awesome non-wonder of Steam.
Not that any of that will stop me from playing HL1: source tonight, but still.


So, first up is Chemograd, which you probably saw in Sir Sapo's journal a few days ago:

The current plan is for this facility, nicknamed Chemograd, to be a site for chemical weapons tests on civilian dissenters and other political prisoners, probably in Serbia(the Balkans are all screwed up again in the Angels 22 timeline). The goal is to introduce a situation that will bring up a lot of potential both in the characters and the player to have an emotional experience, per 4E5 requirements.
If everything goes as planned, there are going to be several very dark situations in Angels 22, something different from most games, IMHO.


In the vien of that MiG screen I had up a couple entries ago, I started a large Partisan for another loading screen. And I do mean 'started':

So that's all the time I have for now, and I've basically run out of hope for having the internet at my house for a while, so I'll see you when I see you...

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