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Oh nos

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The conference this week can been quite amusing. I gotta share this one story.

So today I was positioned at the registration desk at the conference. It's a nice thing because you meet pretty much everyone who comes and learn about them.

I was talking to this guy from Mitre research (an ex-colleauge of my advisor) and he was looking for the booklet for one of the workshops. He said he already had one but he couldn't remember where he put it, so he wanted a new one. Unfortunately, I had ran out of booklets and had no more to give him, so I told him to just walk in and spot one on a desk where no one is sitting, and pick it up pretending like it was his own to begin with.

We had a little laugh out of that and he said he might actually try that, then this guy standing next to him said in a low deep voice: "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone."

I looked at his card.... He was from NSA.
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