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Per pixel motion blur + building reflections.

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I'm very busy right now making yet another pass on the graphics engine, I think the 2-3 days I'm spending on these features will be MORE than worth it.

The effects are still in the works...but I did manage to capture one cool looking screenshot so far...a pedestrian getting hit by a car...you can see the window reflections in the background. The whole thing looks amazing in motion [grin]

Mmmmm....Per pixel motion blur + ragdoll physics + multiplayer + reflections + shadow maps + bloom = this screenshot. There are still a few artifacts with the effects though.

I'm working on per pixel motion blur using velocity buffers [see example in DXSDK] with some modifications to fix some artifacts. Also I'm implementing reflections on the buildings, complete with a reflection map for each building texture, which determines reflectivity on a texel basis.

I'm very excited to get this stuff fully implemented...I've put in a lot of hours so far, and hopefully I'll have some good stuff to show in the next day or two. Then it's back to work on the traffic vehicle AI, and gameplay stuff.

- Dan
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You will get properly a lot of "WOW!", "NIIIIICCCEE", "GOOD JOB", post here..
One thing, that kind of post don't lie in this case :).

However, Why don't you have sound in the movies. Can't you capture that ?

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Gah. Every time you update the graphics engine you worry me a little more that when I buy this amazing game I won't be able to run it on my mediocre hardware. [sad]

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Thanks guys! I'm still working on this effect a lot, trying to get it right.

MarijnStevens - I could probably record sound for these videos, I made it habit to not even try due to the crappyness of my video card, but I've since upgraded, so I'll give it a shot. The game does have sounds :-D

HopeDagger - The game will still run on VS1.1/PS1.0 hardware these effects will be disbled though. I could probably easily get this effect to work on PS1.4 hardware.

ApochPiQ - Video next update :-D

- Dan

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