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Hello D3D!

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Since I got no better word to name it, I just wrote my first C++ Program in DirectX its just a small basic blank screen, but atleast I have finally decided to fire up the Compiler and start working on my project. I have recently contacted John Ringo a SciFi writer and managed to get permission to make a FPS in the legacy of the alendata books. The story is about earth being invaded by the posleen, the posleen are a race that go to planets and feed off their inhabitants and take all the resources. Technically the humans are food for them.

Earth gets contacted 4 years before these aliens arrive by another alien race also known as the Galactic federation, which are multiple alien races combined together against the posleen, sadly most of the aliens in this said alliance are pacifist or are unable to fight. Therefore after years of "arguing" they decide to allow the humans to have technology to fight this incomming menace. One of the problems humans face is that they will always enter any battle with odds stacking against them 20:1 to counter this threat the Armored Combat Suits were created. Suits that are capable of stoping a nuclear explosion in its tracks and also take quite a pummeling, ofcourse the posleen posses weapons to kill them, but it gives the humans a fighting chance.

Usually a Human ACS Batalion fights on its own around 1-2 million Posleen during the heigh of the invasion of earth. Ofcourse all of this is just a short written explanation of the entire thing but basically I am going to base my Design document on these factors:

1. Action
People like fast paced games, thats a fact people enjoy shooting stuff without thinking too much when they come home from a hard days work, ofcourse others prefer more relaxing activities.

2. Tactics
In the book being outnumbered is normal, humans therefore employ an extremely defensive stance against the posleen preferring their artillery to cream as many posleen possible and not using air power and having the ACS as the last stopping line when they breakthrough the conventional troops. another big factor is ammunition when the ACS unit is detected by the posleen they will immediatly try to overpower them as they are the strongers and most deadly unit the humans can deploy. Therefore the player needs to be cautios where he places his troops if he puts them in the open he will be overwhelmed unlesst he artillery can give support

3. Immersion

I am thinking of making this in the long run a multiplayer game where people COOP against each other, this is however probably another year to go for getting this to work but the classes would be:

Heavy Weapons
Squad commander
Ammunition carrier

Each unit ehances the team's overall performance a squadleader would enhance the targetting system the other troops near him have making railing the millions of posleen coming your way a lot more fun, engineers fix broken armor and carry powerpacks with them to energize the armor as walking and taking hits costs power, heavy weapons carry a gun called a flechette basically its a modern mini gun that shoots pellets with nuclear shells in them which rip through lines of posleen and is meant as a Trench broom although Posleen broom is more the word for it ;).

Mortar units basically have grenade launchers to punch holes in a oncomming enemy wave to break up their attack and making it easier for the defenders to pick targets. The ammunition carrier will ofcourse lug ammunition to the troops as ammo will be depletted fast and therefore an effective supplychain has to be made, this is not going to be a game where people can just sit down hold down a shooting button and hope to win. I like teamwork, and thats how it goes in the army, someone has got to supply the guys during a fight and thats also in my optics a very fun task running back and forth (being shot at) and getting stuff.

4. Story!

The story will start after hells faire, I am not giving away too much to ruin people who are reading the books. But basically reinforcements arrive to earth to help relieve the embatteled survivors and new Battalions of the ACS armies that were not on earth when the invasion happened return to start the long clean up process of earth.

Since this is the first time the humans go on the offensive in an all out effort to retake the world. Its important to note that the story will resolve around both sides learning to adopt to their new scenario. Initially the humans who have the momentum will steamroll through the confused posleen they are used to only winning not losing battles. But as time progresses the posleen learn and the ACS need to start using more rigid tactical approaches to destroy and clean up the posleen as effective as possible. This story should be about retaking earth.

Now on to more nerd stuff, I just created my first DirectX Window, I will post the code tommorow But I want to clean it up and write comments down for all of you so that you can ejoy the cde and learn from it i hope :)


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