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hahaa, what a mess

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Remember my post about memory management? Well, turns out it was just VS 2005 weeping over some kind of "exception". You know - that "Just-In-Time" debugger which I can't disable because my VS is the beta so I can't get into the program anymore(M$ disabled that a few weeks ago)...doh.

"Just-In-Time" also started bitching about TES:Oblivion, and since that is a comercial game and I'm making a sidescroller then I have decided not to care about this "error".

So yeah, here are a screenie(must be my first C++ game screenie ever). However the screenie is staged(bullets doesn't move yet) and I haven't implemented transparent images so the bullet background color is black, just as the clearcolor.

Well well, back to deving then - see you all later.
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