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Two for the price of one!(free)

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I realize I'm falling short of my screenshot quota, so here's two:

The "Energy Drink" power-up:

After grabbing it:

The "Energy Drink" power-up doubles the player's speed temporarily. It is not deactivated when you are hit.

You can notice the box that tells what effect is currently on. Of course, showing screenshots of this kind of power-up really doesn't get the point across. You'll have to wait tell the next demo, but rest assured, it is really good.

Next on my list is to fix vertical scrolling. As is shown in the demo, vertical scrolling currently consists of keeping the camera vertically centered on Blocky Man. I think a system of only scrolling above and below certain points is better. However, I have tried it before and it didn't work as intended. I'm going to try again, because I have another way that I might get it to work.

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Hey, another thought about the camera. In my game the camera will scroll when the player reaches a certain threshold. This limit is always the same though. An idea would be to change this depending on which way the player is move. Let's say the player is moving right, then the camera will reveal more of what's to the right of the player and the same for the left. If you play Mario (Super Mario World anyway, I'm not sure which games they do it in, if not all of them) you'll see what I'm taking about. To me, it seems a little trickier to implement (I plan to do it soon in my game) but it will be well worth it.

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Yep, that would definetly be the ideal system. I think the biggest thing I have to worry about is being able to jump and still have sight of what I'll be landing on.

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Have you thought about attaching the camera to Blockyman with a spring system? This way, when he jumps the camera will lag behind in scrolling vertically, so you'll still be able to see where he's landing. Might get a bit assed up if he's jumping really high and falling really far though. You could always offset his position when he's falling though, which will force the camera lower. A bit hacky though.

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Yeah, that might work too.

I'm going to have to experiment with several different methods to find out the best one. Currently I'm thinking the threshold idea, but a spring-like camera would also work.

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I used a spring-based camera for Pierre and the Fish, and I think it worked out quite well. From memory I think I put all the spring code in a base class, because I ended up using it for all the text screens as well to get that "spring into view, spring back out again' effect.

If you like, I could give you the spring camera code. However I suspect it's a bit terrible (it was written for a one week competition so proper coding practices wasn't in the front of my mind [smile), and it might be too heavily based on OpenGL.

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