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Survival is impossible.

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In a marathon spurt of productivity, I've implemented the entire Survival mode. While it still needs some tweaking, the wave system works very well and it is reasonably challenging for me.

I think you guys will enjoy it a lot, especially when you take down two Giants and milk their corpses for sweet experience.

I may delay the game a couple of days to iron out some content bugs here and there and make sure the final mission is working properly; it's got a lot of abnormal code that the other missions won't display.

After that, it's just solid bug testing. I hope you guys are willing to bang on this thing until it breaks and then tell me why and how it broke!

After that, it's to release the game. I'll feel really lonely once it's gone. Then I'll have to come up with something even better. If I have to patch after release, I'll probably also add some special features (which I'm working on right now).

FYI, the current game-only (no engine) code linecount is 12 415. The engine is another twenty thousand or so on top of it. Meaty.
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Wow; lotsa code! Judging by what I've seen of your code (a la RavBitmapFont) it must be pretty meaty -- you don't use many blank lines or comments!

</flippant remark> [smile]

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My line count metric excludes blank lines and comments. [grin]

But yes, point well taken.

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