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Well, my birthday was pretty exciting... I sat and worked on homework, nearly the entire day. Oh well, it -is- just another year. Thanks for all of you that took the time to bestow upon me a birthday note. Much appreciated.

Tonight I made some progress into the short story. I completed Part II, where Ethanael (you), that he is going to have to go about this adventure alone.

========= Following Includes a summary of Part II of the untitled story

The chancellor, otherwise known as the wise guy that runs the show on the land, has requested for Ethanael and Egil's presents within the council grove.

Here, they learn about some very interesting history about the lands of Krion. There used to be a plague that consumed the entire land that caused massive death and destruction. The winds ceased to blow, causing an unrelenting wave of searing heat that destroyed the vegetation on Krion. Rain no longer existed and people were just dieing off out of nowhere. Nobody quite knew what to think about it, though a few wiseman decided to attempt to do something about it.

A temple was built and inside of it, they placed 3 spheres inside -- while locking it away forever. These spheres; The sphere of Rain, The sphere of Wind, and the Sphere of Life, restored the land to what it was always intended to be. A land of peace and longevity. The saviors of that day have long passed.

Not that it lasted long enough for anybody to enjoy it. You find out that the spheres have been stolen and now they are scattered within the lands of Krion.

We believe that we know of 2 of their locations, Rivercross Tower and the forgotten land (refer to map), but getting to them will be no easy feat. The 3rd sphere has yet to be tracked down.

Ethanael is told that he must go about this adventure on his own for now, while Egil stays behind to assist with the protection of the city.

At the end of part II, you will meet a very vital assistant in your adventure. The bow master Tyraear. She will confront a test upon you (she will fight you) and will be the one who finally informs you of exactly where you need to go next.

In the future, she will play a vital role in the instruction in your skills.

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Happy Late B-day [grin]

Also good luck learning DirectX, post updates of your progress. I hope you're still pursing that a lot. I can't wait until I have some time to learn a bunch of new tech ie: DirectX 10.

It's probably good that you're learning it now, so you can move right into DX10 when it becomes more popular.

- Dan

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Thanks a lot Dan. ;)

Yeah, DirectX10 looks like it could keep you busy for awhile. Fairly insane on the crazy scale, as far as I can tell from reading dx10 articles.


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