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Will F


Sometimes #gamedev is too much for me.

snk_kid Guest5934: where are you learning C++ from?
Guest5934 snk_kid: www.johngreasley.com
Guest5934 uh it wasnt that :D
Guest5934 it was
Guest5934 hmm
snk_kid Guest5934: a guy called John is teaching you?
Guest5934 dam omg :P
Guest5934 noooo
Guest5934 its site
Guest5934 with video tuts
Guest5934 wait a sec im blacked out now :
Guest5934 wtf was his website goddd damit
snk_kid well yeah, relying purely on online tutorials is a bad idea
Guest5934 im out of CASH $$$ :p and im from Finland

You can't make this stuff up.
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One day, I'll put together all the guest lines from #gamedev and file them into some sort of giant machine that will produce a visualization pattern of pure ignorance, fuelled by hatred.

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