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I have just finished writing down some more programs, I still need to go home and compile and test them though, basically its a small program showing a moving triangle, and a few other interesting D3D bits, the problem I am currently struggeling with is the vast amounts of functions I need to remember, as illustrated below its a lot of code just to get a blank screen, my biggest question is. Do i really need to remember all this stuff? So far the things im reading and doing, I have yet to understand the purpose of them , I know a vertex buffer basically means you preload the square you want to load, but if you need to write so much code just to write 2 lines it will prob become massive in proportions if you are writing a game.

Maybe I am overseeing things, perhaps the lump of code i am writing basically is the start of any Game code and you expand on that, but i am still only on chapter 2, and am starting to write the skeleton code of the C++ Game Engine tonight, and that means I will hopefully understand it all a bit more. DirectX seems to be extremely complex for a noob like me. But I am still hoping to get through this book in 2 weeks, and then focus on the next books and try to expand the game engine with more specialized books, mostly I am hoping to have something done soon though.

It is so far an interesting journey so to say, but its a lot of work and sinec I have a bad memory it can be hard for me to keep remembering all this code and functions and the order of what you need to do. But I hope by keeping notes and keeping the source codes i wrote near me I should be able to start experimenting with my own things soon.

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Hey! Well, I've been trying to pick up on DirectX myself. I started a couple of days ago, just running through tutorials.

From what I have seen... It is a lot of work, but it doesn't have to be if you don't let it. Meaning, the window code... That window code will remain, nearly, the same, everytime you code a DX application. I would learn, and understand it, but I would not attempt to memorize the entire code base. Worry about the more important things.

As far as DX goes. I've concerned myself with practicing concepts. Write some code (from a tutorial/book), and then manipulate the code somehow. If you write a triangle to the screen, try to get it to rotate on its X, Y, Z axis together. Or swing left to right. Etc.

The hard coding of all of the verticies will end when you start to learn about Meshes (basically an object put together in Maya or another graphical program). Don't be too frightened. You won't be coding every object in your world that long and tedious way.

My plan is to learn the concepts, and then to make a very small Breakout game (not nearly as detailed as my last breakout game). This will atleast give me some insight to if I really understand the basic fundamentals of DX. From there, I'll be using DX to make an Isometric game.

Anyhoo! If you just want to BS about DirectX, throw me a message on AIM (aim marine), Yahoo (ildave1), or msn (dlmcgraw at ksu dot com). Seems like we're in the same boat and we both could use some drills.

Goodluck, and remember one thing.

'Keep your eye on the bouncing Ball'


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