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Phht, blender and its addiction to flat shading, it doesn't do this justice at ALLLLLL!

Anyways, here you go:

EDIT: 10 seconds after I post this, this image is obsolete, picture this with a less wide body and more awesome look =P.

EDIT2: Updated with a new, smooth shaded image, thanks to mecovili for showing me how to set smooth shading, hard refresh
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Looks good; but one suggestion: the bottom jaw could use a bit more thickness and the entire jaw a little less...cubed at the end. Not sure if it's possible, but could you also post a wire + shaded view (and slightly bigger :P)?

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Right now im working on animating it :) I have the skeleton in place, setting up the IK chains and then im going to make a simple animation where it unfurls the wings or something :)

I love animating.
With two days out of school, gunna get so much fucking done, just got my laptop formatted, so im downloading the compiler now so i can work on the model during the actual hurricane.

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