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Sandy Weiner

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Figured it was time for a new avatar, just wish he hadn't killed dr. hobo off [sad]

Development on Sandbox has been slow as I've had trouble coming up with a decent design. At first it was suppose to look like SharpDevelop with the whole TreeView/Editor thing, but modeling a 2D editor after an IDE wasn't the smartest move. Anyway now I'm modeling it after TileStudio, basically adding everything I wish TileStudio had. By the end a single Sandbox file(.sbp) should contain all the resources a game would need.

Here's the little break down of how everything "fits" together:
(note: I took this out because it strected out the rest of the journal)

Everything in Sandbox(even the maps) has two strings, a Name(for the file format and lists) and Text. One thing I really disliked about TileStudio was that you could only assign 8 bit numbers to tiles. In Sandbox you can assign text(any length, multiline) to any object and then parse it for simple scripting or just ordinary attributes.

I've been rebuild the program for the past few days getting rid of the old interface. I've gotten a lot done, but I don't want to show the object browser or map editor until it looks a little more on the "functional" side. I do however have two dialogs to show off(I know, real exciting stuff [totally]).

The only problem I have now is Bitmap colorkeying, The only method I can think of is to use GetPixel/SetPixel but that really sucks. I can't seem to find anything in the Image or Graphics classes for colorkeying [crying].

Images are click for big(yeah I'll be nice to the 56k crowd for once):

The image importer:

The image set importer(image set = tile set = sprite sheet, etc...):
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I loved how the dog was the voice of the programmers.

Just wish Nintendo would hurry up with an American version of Mother 3.

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