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The Arsenal of... Capitalism?

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Prinz Eugn


Ok, no explicitly worded Valve-bashing in this entry, mainly because my internet has been repaired, and I've been thoroughly enjoying Half-Life 1: Source lately. Having internet also means I also have motivation for doing more drawing, too, so I have some new stuff for you guys, as I believe the point of this journal is to get motivation to draw stuff, and then show off the results.

And ramble. That, too.

Must Work Faster!

Having internet means I also have motivation for doing more drawing, too, so I hav some new stuff for you guys, mostly in a state of not-completeness, because I've decided to start on the technique of drawing placeholders for stuff, just to rid Sir Sapo of the excuse "well, if you'd draw me a ____, then I'd be able to do it" so we can get crackin'.
I've been fairly worried about our deadline for 4E5. I'm concerned mainly about the menu system, dialog, and 'cost' system, all of which we basically have barely started or not at all. Certain elements are also going to be fairly difficult(Emotion, Economics), grr.


So today we more or less finalized the list of weapons for the 4th time, but this time is different in that I'm trying to actually get a drawing out for each of them so there's some concrete thing to work off of.

We're going for a good variety of weapons for several reasons, the first being that it's way more fun to have many different options to be able to destroy stuff. The second reason I think would be that it'll help us satisfy the Economics requirement, because it would be easier to let the player choose weapons based on the cost-effectiveness ($100,000 2,000 lb. bomb against a $15,000 Jeep is not a good choice), or even let the player purchase the weapons if that system doesn't satisfy [superpig's] requirements. Thirdly, it'll let us provide some visible progression in the course of the game, which'll give some motivation to the playere to continue(" mission I get Napalm? Hell yes!").

Ok, now the list of actual things you can stick on your aeroplane to kill people with:

1. Light AMRAAM
2. Sidewinder
3. Armor-Piercing Rocket
4. Scatterpack Rockets
5. Light Gunpod
6. Napalm
7. Heavy Gunpod
-DU [Ammunition Type]
8. Bomb
-Parachute [Sub-type]
9. Long Tom Bomb
10. Cluster Bomb
11. Cluster Dispenser
12. Guided AGM

Regular Vulcan
-AP Tungsten[Ammo types]

-Pulse Mode
-Continuous Mode

So, to test my ability to draw something identifiable, let's see if you can see what weapon goes with what from the names above and the images below(not all of them are drawn, yet, and they are in way different stages of completion)

Umm... I didn't mean for that to turn out looking like one of those stupid matching assignments from school, so don't feel too obligated to really go through matching that, the lettering is just so you can say "hey, G looks like it was draw by two-years old boy", etc.(And if something looks too confusing, tell me)

New Carrier

So Sapo's been getting on me about drawing a new carrier for Angels 22, so he can get started on programming that sucker in, so I, uh, did.
It's not radically different from the last Angels 20 iteration, but it is better shaded and now has a continuous flightdeck(which Sir Sapo thought was incredibly important).
Har it is:

And, why not, the old carrier:

Well, that about wraps up what I've been doing for Angels 22, or at least the parts that I deem worthy for you guys to see.

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Recommended Comments

My guesses -

A - Guided AGM
B - Sidewinder
C - Light AMRAAM
D - Bomb
E - Regular Vulcan
F - Scatterpack Rockets
G - Armor Piercing Rockets
H - Laser
I - Napalm
J - Long Tom Bomb
K - Cluster Bomb
L - Cluster Dispenser
M - more Sidewinders?
N - ???

LOL. I'd be suprised to get more than 3 or 4 right.

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I'm confused. I can still play Steam games without the internet, I just can't update them.

Your art continues to rock.

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To be honest, I've been wondering how you guys were going to implement Emotion into your game. I can see how Economics could fit in if you had mission based gameplay - I'm assuming you'd do something like pay credits for weapon types and earn credits for mission objectives (that's what I was planning to do in my scratched 4E5 entry). But Emotion seems a lot harder to do well in your game genre.

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Ok, Let's see if I can't answer some stuff,
Firstly, the answers to that weapons thingy for Mushu, who did pretty well:

A - Guided AGM
B - Light AMRAAM
C - Sidewinder
D - Regular Bomb
E - Regular Vulcan
F - Scatterpack Rockets
G - Heavy Gunpod (Rockets? the white thing is the ammo to indicate the different types)
H - Laser
I - Long Tom (More obviously, just a really big bomb)
J - Napalm (It'll be a different color than the reular bomb)
K - Cluster Bomb
L - Cluster Dispenser
M - Armor Piercing Rockets
N - Light Gunpod

Programmer16: When it can't connect it asks me if I would like to log in offline mode, but when I select it just tells me it can't connect to the Steam network, which just goes in circles. Plus it's done a few other random things, like have wierd fatal exceptions at startup and crashing when I turn off my computer, halting the shut down sequence.
I love love love, HL1 still.

Yeah, we're basically going to be implementing emotion via dialouge character interaction, combined with the things that show the darker side of war(like Chemograd). I think we're going to try to contrast the victory and glory of war with the inhumanity of it for emotional effect(there's a couple events in particular, but that would be spoiling, and they are particularly emotional)
It's going to a like Ace Combat in overall in some ways.

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