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Evil Steve


Hmm, nothing too much to report, really. I got lighting working, supporting directional, point and spot lights, and I added optional specular reflection to meshes, which looks pretty nice.

I've started implementing a camera class, but I need to get some resources from the Internet to develop it further (Since I don't know all this crazy plane maths off to top of my head [smile]). I've also started adding support for shadows. There'll hopefully be support for three types of shadow; Projected, Stencil, and Volume. Projected is just smooshing the mesh down onto the Y=0 plane along the light vector. Stencil is smooshing the mesh down onto whatever surface is below it, and using the stencil buffer to clip it properly. And Volume is using a shadow volume.
I've never done shadow stuff before, but I'm reasonably confident in what I'm doing, and I've got a few books that cover it, as well as the stupid number of articles on the Internet.

Other news:
Cartoon Network Racing (the game I'm working on at work) seems to be out on a bunch of games sites, looks like the publishers decided it was time to release something. IGN stuff.

Scotrail excelled itself today. A 90 minute delay on a 50 minute journey due to a "Signal failure". I knew something was up as soon as I got to the station and saw the previous train into Edinburgh was delayed. I should have taken the train to Glasgow central, which takes 90 minutes but would avoid the signal failure (probably). Still, I got here in the end.

It's my birthday on Sunday, so I'm having a pissup on Saturday, which seems appropriate. So I'll be nicely hungover on my actual birthday. My plan was originally to fill the bath with ice, but there's three problems with that:
  • It's cost about GBP50 to buy enough ice to aproximately half to three quarter fill the bath, and there's not enough space in our freezer to make more than GBP5 or so worth of ice

  • The bath would get scratched to buggery from the bottle tops / broken glass, etc

  • It's the bath - someone will get drunk and fall / piss / shit / vomit / all of the above in it

  • So, the new plan is to get 3 or 4 storage boxes filled with ice and use those instead. Which is probably a bit more sane.
    I've currently "invested" in 2 cases of miller, one of Smirnoff ice, and one of Magners. I think I might get a few bottles of spirits for making punch, although that usually causes much mess and a bit of organisation. Which I'm barely capable of.

    Anyway, time to get some frustum code from TEH INTARWEBNETS.
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    "invested" in 2 cases of miller
    I thought only poor hillbilly Americans with mutated taste bud genes drank that crap lager.

    I play DS, that game looks nice.

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    Original post by noaktree
    "invested" in 2 cases of miller
    I thought only poor hillbilly Americans with mutated taste bud genes drank that crap lager.
    Actually, I don't drink it, but my friends do.

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