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Jack jumped in to a giant lit candle stick

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Well, there has been a slight issue that this ACPI.sys stuff is far from over on my machine. What I'm actually thinking of doing, because I believe these problems are related to drivers and or IRQ conflictions is steer away from on-board devices. Right now I use both on-board network and audio. I don't think is a very good idea, even though they work fine. This may be causing most of the problems I've been having.

I'm going to be calling microsoft as well, and see what I can do. You know, for a company that has such a huge cash reserve as Microsoft. I don't see why they charge for customer service.
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heeeeeerreee's johnny!

No seriously, if Microsoft had to support their stuff for free, they'd probably go bankrupt from all the Joe Sixpacks calling to scream at them because some game they bought off the PlayStation value rack at Walmart won't work in their 286.

And if you think I'm kidding about that, you haven't worked retail.

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