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Well, the XNA Game Studio express beta comes out tomorrow. I'm signed up, so I plan to download it then.

I would like to see what this is all about. Also, it finally gives me something to do with all the C# knowledge I've been learning. I'll probably try and write some type of game once I get a handle on it. Not something as complex as Blocky Man, but probably a shump game.

Speaking of Blocky Man, I have to complete the rest of the power-ups, such as temporary invinciblity and jetpack.
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XNA does seem fun fun fun in the sun sun sun... But I'm worried to see what people will use when they need the power of Managed DirectX, but don't need a "Game Studio". Like medical applications and such.

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That was also a thought I had when I first heard about it. It's fine and dandy to have a new framework for game creation, but DirectX isn't only used for game creation. Since they don't seem to plan on updating Managed DirectX anymore, that creates a problem.

Well, I guess there is always OpenGL[lol]

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