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You know what I'm talking about. That's right, a conference just for the GDNet Lounge.

I'm talking Booze, Bread, and BSD Unix for all (what, you'd think I'd kill such a great alliteration?).

New York City. New Years Eve. New YOU.

The conference will open in a grand ceremony and the cutting of the floor caek that is shaped like pi. We'll have workshops on quitting peeing in the shower. We'll have brainstorming events on Hockey MMORPGs. We might even have a live 3H-GDC (actually, that last one is serious).

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Recommended Comments

Okay, serious thoughts
yes, floor caek shaped like pi for the opening ceremony
two words "programmer-art show" (the hyphen makes programmer-art technically one word)
live 3H-GDC
The Running of the Nerds: a stampede through Times Square
Beerlympics: a competition of everyone's favorite drinking games
A programmer-food cooking competition
Improvised implement of impaling and incineration workshops

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I suspect I may be banned from the US.

But yes, LoungeCon would be awesome. Ooh, ooh, I know. NopeCon.

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