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Like I said in my last post, I am getting the foundations to a C-Like scripting language in place as the native scripting language for the engine. There are several reasons why I decided to go head first into a making it C-Like:
1- Its easier to write scripts in since it looks a bit like the rest of the engine
2- Its easily imported into Visual Studio with the formatting
3- I wanted to make something familiar in general

Anyway, heres the first CellScript stem file (insane terminology, but i'm having fun- Language is CellScript, each file is called a stem file... cell... stem... stemcell (haha)). This shot shows it happily imported in Visual Studio (and the script works which is a bonus). This script is the custom boot script that is executed when the engine runs through its boot up:

Heres the joy- anyone used to C will be able to follow whats happening [grin]

The language is quite basic at the moment but is progressing faster than I expected. At the moment its parsed directly but I do have plans in making it so you can semi-compile it into op-codes in the future.

I'm quite pleased with it so far though
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Interesting. You say CellScript is C like. So is the Print function defined with the script or is it a keyword of the language?

How is it being parsed? Are you spliting everything into tokens and then parsing or what? Are you planning to add support for expressions?

A lot of questions, I know, but I've played with my own language before and am interested in how others are doing it.

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How'd you get VS to highlight your syntax? I'd like to support that for a future revision of my scripting stuff, to supplement the vim highlighting script for same.

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