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I've had some more ideas lately about how to improve the game. It's starting to finally come together...though I'm probably a week or two behind where I wanted to be.

*Spectator Mode
This will allow me to debug the network even more as you're now able to spectate any gangster in single/multiplayer mode. You can follow any gang member, or you can freelook around the city. When you enter spectator mode you loose all your territory, gangsters, money, etc.

Here are some screenshots of spectator mode:

*Starting conditions
Instead of starting with your headquarters randomly place somewhere in the city, and with 5 gangsters already in your gang...you now get only a single gangster and you have to place your headquarters anywhere in the city. If your first gangster dies it's game over...also you need a headquarters to be set up in order to increase your gang size over 1 member. I'm working on defining all of the other businesses in the game. I've got a lot of ideas in this area, I'll write them out once I get more progress done.

*Bomb buildings
I know this isn't the most politically correct thing to add into a game, but I need some kind of 'Fatal blow' you can deal to an enemy's businesses' or headquarters. I'm working on adding all kinds of bells/whistles to this effect including screen shaking, lots of debris/particles, and some other things. Right now it's just a explosion + model change + smoking rubble.

Here's some early screenshots -

*Ability to control civilians in Spectator mode
I was thinking that instead of just being able to spectate after your gang gets eliminated...what if you could control any civilian in the city and run around after you die. The people still playing wouldn't know which civilian you were controlling, I think it would be interesting [grin]. It could be trivial to implement. You wouldn't be able to get in vehicles, or use weapons so you couldn't affect the gameplay. I'm gonna keep thinking about this one.

*Reskin of GUI
I created a new skin for the GUI, this one is a clear black /white sort of thing...I don't have any screenshots, but I'm sure you'll be seeing it soon enough.

*Add "File | Edit | Etc." bar to top pf City Editor
Yea, I need to add one of this main tool bars into my map editor...I'm out of space to add new things, it will make the editor much cleaner and more powerful.

*Random stuff
I don't know if any of you noticed the lack of correct shadowing in the motion blur video, somehow self-shadowing was broken during my reflection implementation...I fixed that today...everything should be back together now. I also clamped the motion blur to 10% of what it was in the video, the effect is much more subtle now.

Random screenshots -

This guy's gangster nickname is 'Crazy Legs'

Random pic

Get off my hood bitch! Seriously I was yelling that when this happened...she was on there for a while it was pretty funny [grin].

That's all for now...[grin]

- Dan
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The ability to control civilians... That'd just be a pretty funny implementation. Imagine the people that will be screaming 'get off my hood bitch', because you know if I could control a civilian, I'd be jumping infront of cars! ;oP

GUI: About time, I wanna see a shot of this!

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