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Yet again still more homebuying angst

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Well hopefully I'll get the house sold this week or next. Dunno if I posted it already, but our homebuyer decided that it'd be a smart idea to quit her job two days before closing on the house, as a friend of hers said that it was okay as long as you hired on with a similar job right away.

Her friend was wrong.

The bank suddenly said that they couldn't verify her employment, and she'd need two or three paycheck-stubs from her new job before they'd re-fund the loan. Hence, we get to deal with another month of mortgage, utility bills, etc. while waiting for the place to close.

Next time I buy a house, I'm going to do the smart thing. I'll get a 100-year mortgage and never do any repairs so I'm guaranteed never to have any equity tied up in the house. Then when it comes time to move, I'll just abandon the place :)

Oh, and the previously-mentioned Cormanesque "sell two games for the price of 1.5" bit I mentioned below never got pitched to the client.

I just care too damn much about these little companies. I need to follow my own advice that I always give to Shelly. . .

The "hooker with the heart of gold" character only exists in the movies. Get in, get yer money, and get out. Don't get emotionally involved.

It's no biggie. I'm down to about ten hours work a week on it now anyway, so I'll just let the contract expire and wait for the phone to ring for a followup project. I made good money on it, and it wasn't too taxing, so I've got no place to complain.
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